At iRage, you will get to solve some extremely challenging engineering problems and shape the future of this lucrative industry while working alongside other exceptional programmers, quants and traders.

Who are we looking for?

Our prospective employees possess a high degree of ethical integrity, honesty and professionalism.
Doing well in our industry involves exploring and researching new concepts frequently, and undertaking numerous experiments - thus we are looking for proactive initiative-takers. Because of the same reason, we expect our employees to be continuous learners who enjoy the process of learning and exploring latest developments in various related domains.
Since doing well involves coordinating across domains (technology, big-data and finance), we are looking for team players who can work collaboratively and effectively with others. In our flat hierarchy, while you might not be a leader in the organizational chart, we look for leadership skills in all our prospective hires.
Because the markets are very dynamic, and thus our response to market events has to be just as dynamic, thus we are looking for adaptability as another key characteristic - an ability to thrive under modifying environments.
And most importantly, we are looking for skilled & achievement oriented people - people who have demonstrated excellence in their academic or professional career, and have significant expertise in the skills that matter in our industry. In addition, often the problem statements are very unique and unlike those that exist in other domains - thus strong problem solving and critical thinking skills are critical.

Apply for Roles
DevOps Engineer
Technology | Mumbai
Senior FPGA Engineer
Technology | Bangalore
Software Developer
Technology | Mumbai
Systems Engineer - Trading Platform
Technology | Mumbai
FPGA Specialist
Technology | Mumbai/Bangalore
Full Stack Developer
Technology | Mumbai
Trainee Trader/Junior Trader- MFT
Trading | GIFT city, Ahmedabad
Junior Quantitative Analyst 
Trading | GIFT city, Ahmedabad
Senior Trader
Trading | Mumbai
Quantitative Analyst
Trading | Mumbai
Risk Manager
Risk and Research | GIFT City
Risk Analyst
Risk and Research | GIFT city, Ahmedabad
Manager (Quantitative & Risk Analysis)
Risk and Research | GIFT city, Ahmedabad
Quantitative Researcher
Risk and Research | Mumbai
Intern - Quality Assurance Engineer
Intern | Mumbai
Junior HR & Admin Associate
HR and Admin | GIFT City
Lead People Partner
HR and Admin | Mumbai
Product Manager (Brokerage Industry)
Operations | Mumbai or Bangalore
Head - Broking Operations
Operations | Mumbai
Chief of Staff
Operations | Mumbai
A day in the life of
A Day in the life of a Software Developer

Introduction: A Journey through Code and Markets

As a strategy developer at iRageCapital, I find myself at the exciting intersection of technology and finance. With a background in infrastructure development and a passion for optimising market data, simulations, and data storage, my role is dynamic and ever-evolving. In this article, I'll walk you through a typical day in the life of a developer in the fast-paced world of high-frequency trading.

Embracing the Market's Rhythm: Morning Routine

The day kicks off in sync with the market's opening at 09:15 for the NSE. Before the opening bell, our team ensures that all

A Day in the life of a Quantitative Trader

A typical day involves taking care of trading and research to identify new trading opportunities.

The day starts off with a quick look at any major global/Indian events which might impact the market for the day. After understanding how the market might behave at the opening, a quick set up of the trading systems and the necessary parameters for trading follows.

After preparing for the market opening (which could vary from being a sedate opening to a very volatile one), I make sure the market is stabilised and our trading is working as expected for the next few minutes. Any irregularities which might need our attention or any unusual action which might need a fine tunin

A Day in the life of a Quantitative Researcher

It was late at night. I just started my B.Tech, so I was doing what every fresher does. Talking to my newly found friends about where I see myself after graduation. A lot of them (all) had the same response. Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook … I said I wanted to go to Wall Street. Of course I did not have the slightest idea of what it meant. But being inspired after watching countless movies like Margin Call, Inside Job, The Big Short etc. I just blurted out my mind. It was 2018.

Five years down the line, after a few hits and misses, I can safely say I kept my promise.

Hi. I am Adarsh, currently working as a Quantitative Researcher at IrageCapital. Though it&

A day in the life of IT Head

Being an IT head , my responsibilities are to handle multiple tasks , like compliance , audits , infra etc. 

My day starts around 7:00 AM so that I can ensure that there should not be any surprises during pre open market and production time which starts at 9:00AM. 

It's a challenging job in an industry that keeps changing. And my priority is to make sure that all services and systems are running smoothly. 

I have to monitor the health and performance of the company's IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, applications etc. 

Even after monitoring things there is always the possibility that an emergency situat

A day in the life of an Intern

I am an intern in the FPGA Dev team at iRage. Before discussing my day-to-day activities, let me give you some background on my internship. My day-to-day work involves working on the FPGA designs being used at iRage, to make optimizations in our trading decisions at the nanosecond level. Prior to starting my internship, my manager/mentor discussed with me potential project options. I chose a project which I deemed to be a good mix of challenging and independent, so that I would not need to have a long on-boarding period. I was given a general overview of the FPGA design currently used, and a brief overview of the project I will be working on, and I was good to start working in a couple of

A day in the life of a HR Professional

A typical day in the life of an HR professional at iRage mirrors the tranquility of a graceful duck gliding serenely across a tranquil lake – calm on the surface but bustling with activity beneath.

9:00 AM: The day begins with a refreshing cup of tea, setting the stage for the day ahead and our team briefing. This is the moment when I connect with my team to discuss priorities, ongoing projects, and any urgent matters. It includes a thorough review of our recruitment efforts, gauging the progress of potential candidates in our pipeline. For instance, we might be in the process of hiring quantitative analysts (quants) or specialized software engineers

Recruitment FAQs

Please follow our linkedin page for information about new job openings. Please also check this page from time to time to be apprised of new job openings.

Applying at iRage is easy and convenient! You have two options: visit our website's recruitment page to submit your application directly, or stay connected with us on LinkedIn for the latest updates on job opportunities.

We typically have opportunities available for roles such as Quantitative Analysts, Quantitative Researchers, Software Developers, and System Engineers.

We are always on the lookout for intelligent individuals with strong mathematical skills, exceptional analytical abilities, and proficient coding capabilities.

Certainly, candidates are welcome to apply for multiple positions, provided they meet the necessary qualifications for each respective role.

At our company, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning. New hires have access to a wealth of study materials and research papers, as well as specialized courses designed by Quantinsti to enhance their understanding of the market and algo-trading.

What distinguishes iRage from other trading firms in the industry is our unique approach. We offer individuals a multitude of project opportunities and the freedom to select and engage in projects of their choice. Our commitment to providing the necessary infrastructure and resources ensures that our team members are fully supported. This dynamic environment fosters a steep learning curve, setting iRage apart in the industry.

During the interview process at iRage, your experience will vary depending on the specific role you're applying for. You can expect assessments that gauge your analytical skills, mathematical proficiency, ability to handle stress, decision-making capabilities, and quick thinking.

At iRage, we embrace diversity in all its forms, extending beyond just gender. We celebrate a diverse spectrum of skills, thoughts, ages, experiences, faiths, castes, and creeds. We encourage every individual to freely express their perspectives and ideas.

At iRage, we encourage individual expression through a relaxed dress code policy. We value everyone's unique style and only ask that all team members dress in a neat and appropriate manner to maintain a respectful and comfortable work environment.

If you have any additional questions or require assistance with your application, don't hesitate to contact our HR team at Please feel free to send us an email, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Please note that while not all tech roles are fully remote, we are open to exploring flexible arrangements that benefit both our employees and the organisation on a case-by-case basis for tech roles. We assess each position individually to determine if remote work is feasible and conducive to the team's collaboration and project requirements.

For software development roles, we're looking for candidates with strong C++ skills, adept problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of computer architecture, networks, and Linux.   For FPGA specialist positions, we seek individuals with expertise in micro-architecture development, Static Timing Analysis, Verilog/VHDL programming, and scripting languages. Knowledge of hardware-software interaction, UVM, and Linux is advantageous.  

Yes, you can apply for roles in technology and trading simultaneously. Furthermore, you can also apply for various roles in technology simultaneously.

Various trading roles have their own skill set requirements - thus it is good to look at the relevant Job-Description document. Nevertheless, the following are some of the common desired skill sets and traits across most trading roles: Strong statistical background Python programming Linux shell scripting Interest in finance Please also see the following section on types of profiles that we look for What type of people we are looking for An ability to handle stress and agility to respond to situations is critical.
iRage engages in various automated trading strategies which are currently high-frequency in nature.These include liquidity providing (i.e. market-making), arbitrage based liquidity consuming (i.e. market-taking), and statistical arbitrage strategies. iRage seeks to improve the efficiency of the financial markets and trade wherever market pricing is inefficient.Thus, we are on the lookout for opportunities where the risk adjusted returns are favourable - across assets, time-horizons, etc.

For the fresher trader roles, prior experience is good to have, but it is not critical or necessary.

For the experienced trader roles, we are looking for professionals who have successfully traded profitable trading strategies (various genres) for more than a year (on the lower extreme)

Remote work options for trading roles may vary based on the specific position and company policies. Some trading roles may require on-site presence for optimal collaboration and communication.

Unlike a pure quantitative researcher role, this role involves trading full time as well - i.e. undertaking money management & portfolio risk management. The key difference is in the fact that a trader spends would spend more time managing positions and risks and also do quantitative research; whereas a researcher will almost fully engage in research and spend some time trading those hypotheses before rolling them out to the trading team

Various trading roles have their own skill set requirements - thus it is good to look at the relevant Job-Description document. Nevertheless, the following are some of the common desired skill sets and traits across most trading roles:

  • Strong statistical background
  • Python programming
  • Linux shell scripting
  • Interest in finance

Please also see the following section on types of profiles that we look for What type of people we are looking for An ability to handle stress and agility to respond to situations is critical.

Unlike a quantitative trading role, this role would involve much lesser actual trading and portfolio risk management - nevertheless, a researcher could spend some time trading in the actual markets to get first-hand experience of the challenges, and also iterate through his/her research hypotheses quickly.


  • Python programming 
  • Linux shell scripting
  • Attention to details and perseverance
  • An interest in the financial markets is good
  • Historical experience with big data 

Please also see the following section on types of profiles that we look for <What type of people we are looking for><insert link>

No, not during the initial phase of the assignment.

The necessary experience varies according to the specific role we are recruiting for. However, what matters most is possessing a diverse skill set essential for excelling in HR, including effective communication, emotional intelligence, interpersonal aptitude, problem-solving, critical thinking, maintaining ethics and confidentiality, strong organizational abilities, comprehensive knowledge of HR principles and regulations, expertise in recruitment and selection, proficiency in conflict resolution and mediation, adaptability, flexibility, data analysis, reporting, and technology proficiency.

The choice varies depending on the role. Generally, for business partnering and recruitment positions, it is recommended to work from the office. However, to ensure fairness, we may opt for a hybrid model if necessary.