A day in the life of IT Head


Being an IT head , my responsibilities are to handle multiple tasks , like compliance , audits , infra etc. 

My day starts around 7:00 AM so that I can ensure that there should not be any surprises during pre open market and production time which starts at 9:00AM. 

It's a challenging job in an industry that keeps changing. And my priority is to make sure that all services and systems are running smoothly. 

I have to monitor the health and performance of the company's IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, applications etc. 

Even after monitoring things there is always the possibility that an emergency situation can occur, So I always have backup plans to ensure that I can restore things with minimal downtime. 

After that my job is to coordinate with vendors and other teams and stakeholders  to identify their business  requirements. 

I act as a bridge between requirements and implementation for the upcoming projects. 

I also have to maintain budgets and  ensure that resources are allocated effectively and efficiently. I might also plan for future resource needs and justify budget requirements to higher management.

There is one thing in the IT industry which is constant i.e change. I have to learn emerging technologies and understand their requirements in Irage. If I find any technology that is relevant to the company’s requirements I have to inform stakeholders. 

At the end , with a heart full of gratitude and anticipation, I bid farewell to the stage, knowing that tomorrow's act will bring new surprises and opportunities for innovation.