A day in the life of a HR Professional

HR and Admin

A typical day in the life of an HR professional at iRage mirrors the tranquility of a graceful duck gliding serenely across a tranquil lake – calm on the surface but bustling with activity beneath.

9:00 AM: The day begins with a refreshing cup of tea, setting the stage for the day ahead and our team briefing. This is the moment when I connect with my team to discuss priorities, ongoing projects, and any urgent matters. It includes a thorough review of our recruitment efforts, gauging the progress of potential candidates in our pipeline. For instance, we might be in the process of hiring quantitative analysts (quants) or specialized software engineers for algorithmic trading. Our objective is to ensure that our job postings effectively reach suitable candidates and that our interview processes run seamlessly. During this time, we brainstorm and strategize for talent acquisition and employee engagement.

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Now, it's time to put our plans into action. I prepare to respond to inquiries from job seekers on platforms like LinkedIn, providing enthusiastic and informative guidance. Assisting and mentoring individuals while staying connected to the ever-evolving external job market is incredibly fulfilling.

Let me share an interesting example. Once, an army veteran approached me regarding a Project Manager role. Her accomplishments during her time in the Indian army left a lasting impression. Our hour-long conversation was a rich exchange of experiences, and I offered insights into potential corporate opportunities. Witnessing her enthusiasm and appreciation for my guidance was truly uplifting. Following our discussion, I promptly sent her the recruitment form and addressed her job-related queries, secretly rooting for her success in the process.

As the day progresses, I delve into my inbox, efficiently resolving inquiries from colleagues and team members on a wide range of topics, from referral bonuses to the intricacies of performance management. The sense of satisfaction that comes from helping people and witnessing the relief on their faces when their issues are resolved is truly gratifying. For new hires, I ensure they receive a comprehensive induction, equipping them with a strong understanding of our culture, policies, processes, and all the essential job-related information.

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: During lunch, I relish the opportunity to connect with our employees, sharing exciting trekking stories and planning new adventures. Our aim is to organize more treks and camps before the monsoon season bids us farewell.

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM: In the afternoon, face-to-face meetings with employees take precedence. This provides us with an opportunity to delve into their concerns, conduct performance evaluations, and strategize recruitment plans. These interactions deepen our understanding of their needs and enable us to offer better support. Performance management is a complex and nuanced task that requires HR professionals to serve as a critical bridge between managers and employees. This role involves ensuring that performance goals are not only realistic but also motivating for employees. It means being vigilant to spot any issues or areas where guidance is required, and swiftly addressing them. 

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM: However, work is not the sole focus; there's room for play too! At 4:30 PM, I engage in a friendly game of foosball with colleagues, where we share our hobbies and weekend anecdotes. Imagine my delight when I discovered a fellow photography enthusiast among the interns. It appears a company-wide photography outing is in the works!

By 5:30 PM, I'm in discussions with team leads, reviewing our recruitment status, addressing performance concerns, and fine-tuning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for new positions within the company. Ensuring our team's success remains a top priority. This entails a deep involvement in recruitment strategies, where staying well-informed about market trends and competitors' activities is crucial to attract the best talent available. This process is a continuous exercise in business intelligence and numerical analysis, where maintaining competitiveness in terms of salary, bonuses, and other perks is paramount. Building a robust network and maintaining awareness of industry developments is essential to succeed in this endeavor. 

6:30 PM: And thus, a fulfilling day comes to a close. The diverse array of tasks and responsibilities keeps my job both engaging and enjoyable. Being akin to a serene duck on the corporate lake may just be the ideal way to navigate the workday – appearing graceful on the surface but always ready to paddle and quack with enthusiasm when the situation calls for it!