Manager (Quantitative & Risk Analysis)

Risk and Research

We at iRage are an agile, young bunch. You will get to solve some extremely challenging engineering problems and shape the future of the fast paced Algo-Trading industry while working alongside other exceptional programmers, quants, and traders.

Role Summary – Manager (Quantitative & Risk Analysis)- GIFT City 

As a Manager-Operations, you will be in charge of overseeing a group of traders, risk analysts and quant/data analysts working out of GIFT City. You will work in collaboration with various teams (i.e. technology and quant) of Irage in other locations (i.e. Mumbai, Bangalore, etc) to manage the trading, quant and risk initiatives from the GIFT City office. 

In Trading & Quantitative Analytics, the candidate will be responsible for:

  • Managing the trading activities out of GIFT city - this will include ensuring trading activities are performed in accordance with the directives from the team leads (including team-leads based out of other locations as well)

  • Coordinating between the quantitative analysts in other offices (Mumbai, Bangalore, etc) and quantitative analysts in the GIFT city to plan out quantitative research projects and roll them out.

Within Risk Analytics, the candidate will be responsible for:

  • Daily production and distribution of risk reports (team level for various teams; and firm level) and market insight reports.

  • Ensuring that the risk and market insight tools and dashboards are always updated with the most recent data.

  • Putting together replies to “trade compliance and surveillance” requests as and when the exchange makes a request for them

As a manager, the candidate will have to ensure that the processes are followed (test cases, code-review, source control, etc). 

The candidate will also be responsible for overall management of the GIFT city office of IRAGE - i.e. discipline, punctuality, and adherence to regulatory & compliance rules.

Requirements for the role:

  • Work experience (technical):Approximately 5 years of prior experience in analytics (preferably in the financial industry). 

  • Work experience (team management): Experience of managing teams of 2 or more for more than a year.

  • Programming skills: Python

  • Strong presentation and data analytic skills

  • Ability to manage a team of professionals

  • Ability to work in a fast paced work environment.

Desired Skill Set

  • Familiarity with Linux is preferable.

  • Familiarity with Git and database/analytics tools like Kibana/influxDB is preferable. 

  • Ability to work as an individual contributor as well as a team player.

  • Strong communication skills

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