Senior FPGA Engineer


We are looking for the Smartest FPGA Developers on the block...

We at iRage are an agile, young bunch. You will get to solve some extremely challenging engineering problems and shape the future of the fast paced Algo-Trading industry while working alongside other exceptional programmers, quants and traders.

Role Summary - Senior FPGA Engineer

The position requires the candidate to formulate low-latency strategies and subsequently adapt these strategies to FPGA. Hence, a comprehensive grasp of trading terminology and in-depth expertise in RTL design/verification are essential. The ideal candidate must contribute innovative ideas aimed at diminishing overall system latency across both hardware and software components. Proficiency in debugging within a live environment is crucial. A robust academic foundation, preferably from IITs, is desired.

Required Skillset:
✓ Minimum 5 years of experience.
✓ Profound understanding of digital design principles.
✓ Expertise in FPGA synthesis and implementation tools.
✓ Mastery of RTL languages such as SystemVerilog, Verilog, and VHDL.
✓ Strong scripting proficiency in Python and C++.
✓ Adequate familiarity with network protocols, including TCP/UDP stacks.
✓ Proficient in verification using Python/UVM.
✓ Decent knowledge of trading terminology with effective communication skills for interactions with traders.

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